Success Stories

“Before I began my coaching sessions with Sue, I made an ambitious wish list of everything I wanted to achieve. Within 3 months I had fully accomplished every item on the list!   Entrepreneurs need support to help them in confusing or uncharted areas. Sue’s coaching goes beyond what you can get from a friend, because it’s completely objective, it is full of experience-based insights and has the heft of professional wisdom. Investing in Sue’s coaching was one of the best ideas I ever had.”

Rich van Schaik
IT Consultant

”It has been my privilege and good fortune to be coached by Sue Clement.  Her insight, wisdom, and effective support has enabled me to take my business to the next level of success.  I credit Sue with the ability to ask the right questions, hear what I'm saying while listening for what I mean, and ascertaining the difference between what I'm asking for and what I (really) want.  She helps me to separate what I want from what I need, and prioritize the most important next step with a respectful mindfulness towards my long-term vision.

Sue is as much a strategic and tactical business thinker (and listener) as she is a life/work generalist.  Her extensive business experience is especially appropriate to entrepreneurs like myself who are building a business from scratch or growing an existing business.”

 Roger Howson
RenewVia Incorporated

“I need accountability, someone to hold my feet to the fire, so to speak. Sue does this in a way that is supportive, I appreciate that she doesn’t dictate or tell me what to do, but listens and questions and helps me figure out solutions that are right for me and the success of my business.”

Carol King
Massage Therapist

“Coaching is a very confidential way of talking about a lot of your issues. Sue is willing to listen with a critical ear and challenge you. She is insightful and not afraid to say the obvious – what you say to yourself she says out loud.”

Audrey Ciccone
Human Perspective Consulting Ltd

"The value I derive from Sue’s coaching is beyond measures. She possesses an immense ability to listen and guides me gently through self-discovery to realize and reach my capacities. Sue coaches me to be creative in dealing with challenges and moves me through the process to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals."

Amina Summers

"The saying is. “what you focus on grows” Sue’s program gave me a system to be laser focused on sales. And my sales grew. I increased sales in the first 3 months by 330% for and ROI on my investment of 2,805%. Now I call that a good investment! I highly recommend Sue’s program for anyone in sales who wants to improve their focus and their results."

Jacque Small
Catalyst Business Coaching

“During the month of the program my sales more than doubled. The structure and support really kept me on track since then;I have quadrupled my annual sales. I’m pleased with both the immediate and long lasting results from the program..

Brian Cole
W.D. Cole Insurance Services Ltd

"Sue was FANTASTIC. She brings energy and warmth to her professional presentation style. More importantly, she is amazingly perceptive and incredibly supportive. Her ability to identify the essence of my business was beyond amazing, and her thoughtful analysis has taken my ability to market myself to a completely different level."

Jennifer Kennett
Elements Wellness Center Inc.

“I just had my best month ever thanks to Sue’s Marketing program – a whopping 78% increase! The action plan I created along with Sue’s coaching and group support was instrumental in reaching this new high. Marketing is certainly a whole lot easier now. Thanks!”

Gregory Hinch
Mortgage Broker

“Before Sue’s marketing program my sales were averaging $1500/month. During the 6 week program my sales increased to over $8300 What I’ve learned about marketing, Sue’s support and the structure of the program has made a huge difference in my business.”

Hans Haest
Haest Painting & Contracting


Here's What Participants Say About Sue's Seminars...

Sue was an engaging & impressive speaker who succeeded in keeping my attention despite a long day and flagging energy. I took away great value from the evening."

Meridith McLean

"I was very pleasantly surprised at how invigorating and informative the evening proved to be. With so many ideas bouncing around, both in the room and in my head it was hard to leave at the end of the evening."

Claire Bamford

"I would not have imagined that networking could be so much fun. The seminar was dynamic – Sue is an outstanding presenter and leader."

Gerald Chan

"I train trainers and was very impressed with Sue's presentation; it was extremely professional."
Karilee Orchard

"Thanks for a great evening -- it was wonderful meeting such a fun and positive person. I came away with great information and tips on how to improve my networking skills! "

Melanie Thielmann

"Wonderful event, great audience participation & interaction. Thanks for the refreshing content."

Jennie Yendall

"Thank you again so much for the workshop. I really took tons away with me that will help fuel the success of my business!"

Carly Franklin

"When I left your workshop I knew I had attended the "right" one. Your bright ideas were invaluable and with some practice, I feel confident that this is a part of the business I will not only get better at, but enjoy. Thank you!"

Elma Harder

"I was very impressed with the information, quality and energy of the workshop. It far exceeded my expectations!"

Dale Grove

"The seminar was exceptional and far exceeded my expectations."

Katherine Willett

"I enjoyed the whole event: the content of the seminar, the opportunity to meet people and to learn how to be more successful when building relationships. I found Sue's analysis of the philosophy of networking very thorough and resourceful. Her name and professionalism will be on my mind for future reference."
Ema Markovska

"Great information and strategies for someone new to the concept of networking." 

Aaron Chan

"An excellent evening, I came away with very helpful information on networking that will help me in business."

Cathy McAusland

"Sue is terrific. I really had fun, met a lot of people and learned a lot about networking."
Mary Jao

"This was a great session. I learned a lot about networking, thank you."

Christian Gaulin

"Sue has an exceptional ability to capture the essence of your business – any business. In just minutes, she was coming up with catch phrases for everyone in the room, phrases that left us all saying: wow! It was as if she was tossing them out and saying: here catch this and run with it."

Dorothy Grad
D&M Cakes to Go, Owner

"Great content & charismatic delivery."

Moreno Perazzolo

"Great informative session... the time just flew."

Bonnie Duford

"For new business owners in particular this is a really unique opportunity. Because of who Sue is and the way she does things, I don’t think they could find a better course for getting going."

Ken Sanders

"I would absolutely recommend any course with Sue as an instructor — and I’d bring all my friends as well. Sue’s coaching is second to none."

Sharon Inglis

"Sue is great with follow up. If she said she’d do something she did. I came away with some excellent ideas."

Selwyn Greentree