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Are you constantly wondering where your next client will come from? Are you chasing after leads without results? Perhaps you are working overtime at drumming up business - without having much to show for it.

You can stop that right now! There's a MUCH better way... 

Discover how you can get in on the most powerful marketing tool there is... Getting Referrals!


Dear Fellow Business Owner, 

Does the following sound familiar? 

  • Getting up early to trudge to one networking event after the other, and all you have to show for it are handfuls of business cards.
  • You’re spending hours and hours on social media – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – because everyone says it’s the thing to do. But although you’ve gathered thousands of Friends, Followers, and Likers, you haven’t gotten any paying CLIENTS!
  • You’re fed up with chasing prospects only to have them tell you that they’re interested in your services and will call you ONE OF THESE DAYS - but those days never come.

If any of this rings a bell, you're going to love my new Get Referrals NOW! program.  It's designed to help business owners just like you connect with referral partners and finally tap into one of the most powerful ways of growing your dream business.


Discover how to connect with the exact people who will gladly send you referrals

that are perfect for YOU!


I'd like to invite you to explore my Get Referrals NOW! program where I’ll show you how to make that happen! You'll get all the tools you need to connect with potential referral partners. Yes, I'll even tell you what to say! And then I'll show you how to build and nurture the relationships that inspire them to keep sending you referrals, over and over again. 

No more chasing after leads! Instead, your ideal prospects come to you essentially pre-sold, sent by your referral partners!

Pretty Cool System, Don't You Think?


Get Referrals NOW! will help you:

  • Massively increase the number of referrals you receive
  • Develop Referral Relationships to collaboratively grow your business
  • Stop chasing prospects and spend more time working with the clients you love

In fact, the course is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and service professionals who love to work with their clients but hate the work it takes to get them!  Too often, solo-entrepreneurs struggle with the feast-famine cycle of alternating between feverish marketing and focusing on client delivery!  


"I take more responsibility for building the referral relationship itself; I don't expect people just to 'get' it"

"The Referral Success Bootcamp greatly helped me develop tools and conversations that help me engage  with my potential and current referral partners much more effectively.

One particular concept Sue shared was hugely impactful in assisting my referral partners to quickly assess who they should refer to me – this insight alone greatly impacts my ability to get quality referrals.

Unlike a program where you can get overwhelmed with everything thrown at you at once, Sue's bootcamp provided time and support for implementing. We could go back to review and ask questions as needed, which helped us build our skills much more effectively.  And the built-in accountability process really motivated us to work the system.

Sue shares an amazing depth of insight & experience. She has a great out-of-the-box way of looking at things that uncovers surprising opportunities we often haven't thought of. I think Sue is great! Her Referral Success Bootcamp greatly improved my skills and my understanding, and it gave me much more confidence when dealing with referral partners."

Lynn Williams - The Lifestyle Protector



Having pre-qualified and pre-sold prospects come to you on a regular basis!

By building solid referral relationships, it can be YOUR reality!


And in Get Referrals NOW! you'll discover everything you need, including...

  • A clear definition of your Ideal Target Client - how else will your future referral partners know whom to send to you?
  • The key to letting potential referral partners AND prospects know that YOU are the perfect person for them.
  • The Secret Formula for successfully creating Referral Partners – it’s also perfect for fixing any relationships you have that aren’t delivering the results you'd like.
  • 7 unique out-of-the-box sources to uncover referral opportunities
  • 17 ways to nurture your new Referral Partners so the relationships deepen and the results increase.
  • The exact words to use as you ask your clients for more referrals – and getting them!  Yes, that's without sounding like you’re nagging or begging them for business.
  • The ability to easily turn one referral into many. This will make your efforts SO much more productive!
  • Knowing how to troubleshoot underperforming Referral Partners – exactly what to do and say to re-energize the relationship.
  • The CONFIDENCE that comes with having a proven system working for you!
  • And, of course, much more!

Best of all, you can finally put an end to the marketing madness and stop hunting and chasing prospects once and for all!




 "Sue walked us step-by-step through the whole process of what it takes to get referral partners"

"I had heard about getting referrals, but before taking Sue's bootcamp, I was completely at a loss about how to make it happen.

In the bootcamp, Sue walked us step-by-step through the whole process. With plenty of opportunities to ask questions, trouble-shoot problems, and get extra coaching.  For me, the most valuable parts were where she gave us lots of examples of exactly what to say in various situations.  That helped me a LOT. 

Sue took me from someone who was at a loss about how to get anyone to refer prospects to me to someone who really enjoys meeting and building relationships with referral partners. I found my confidence and my skills growing to the point where I'm getting real results. In fact, a growing number of my new clients now come through referrals."

Elisabeth Kuhn - Look Like an Expert


So who am I and how come I know so much about referrals?

My name is Sue Clement, and I help frustrated small business owners grow their businesses exponentially by building and leveraging referral relationships.

As a referral expert and business success coach, I have even written the book on it: "Insider Secrets to Referral Success," the authoritative guide on developing referral relationships for business growth. In fact, you'll get an autographed copy as a bonus when you join my course!

And just in case you're wondering... Getting referrals didn't come naturally to me...  It wasn't part of my first business where I personally built a local employment agency from concept into a multi-million dollar enterprise. 

However, after I sold my agency and started my coaching business, I quickly realized that cold-calling just wouldn’t do anymore.  I couldn’t prospect by knocking on doors.

I worked on developing my networking skills... but as it turned out, networking wasn’t enough.  When I looked around at the really successful people, it was apparent that they had something I didn’t... referrals!  I realized that to reach even greater success, I NEEDED to collaborate and get referrals too. And so I learned how to do that.

Having had to learn it the hard way now helps me relate to people who also find networking and getting referrals challenging. It makes me highly effective at teaching them how to do it as well.  Meanwhile, I'm now getting more than 80% of my business through referrals.

And you can too, with my simple step-by-step system. My Get Referrals NOW! program walks you through EXACTLY how to develop referral partners to send you pre-qualified referrals.

7 Steps to MORE Referrals!

Here are some of the key highlights of what you'll learn in our comprehensive 7-Step Unique Branded System of developing Referral Partners – who will  send you pre-sold and pre-qualified referrals ready to sign on the dotted line.


Step 1 - Pick 'em

“Selecting your ideal target client lies at the core of business success.  If you’re struggling to get enough clients, it’s because you haven’t done the work and this piece of your marketing is missing."

We start here because your ideal target client is the core of getting quality referrals. Everything else is reverse engineered from there. It's also what you're probably most resisting – and you’re not alone in this.  Determining your ideal target client is essential to stopping the struggle of attracting enough clients and being successful in getting more referrals.

You'll discover:

  • How to uncover exactly who your “Ideal Target Client” is so you can finally stop trying to market to everybody and start working with just the ideal clients you love.
  • The key problems that your ideal clients have and exactly how you can help them.
  • How to articulate who you help and what you offer so your ideal referral partners know exactly who to refer to you.
  • How to easily communicate the key transformations your product or services offer.
  • The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when introducing themselves (you're probably making that mistake right now, but after this module, you'll never make it again).
  • My exact formula for crafting a compelling networking introduction and marketing message you’ll love that positions you as an expert and makes you stand out and be remembered!



Step 2 - Find 'em

 “Knowing explicitly WHO makes an ideal Referral Partner for you is essential to receiving ongoing consistent quality referrals.”

Now that you’ve established your Ideal Target Client, it’s time to determine exactly who would make the best referral partners for you. You'll be amazed at how easily this takes shape once you know my Referral Success Formula.

You'll discover:

  • My proven Referral Success Formula you can use forever to identify the key components needed to determine specifically who would make the best referral partners for you. As well, it’s perfect to diagnose problems and improve your existing referral relationships that may not be delivering enough or the right quality of referral. You’ve made the connection – so use the formula to get the most from your relationships.
  • The key differences between a Referral Source and a Referral Partner – Hint: one provides the occasional accidental referral while the other is proactive in seeking opportunities to refer you. One provides the occasional referral that may or may not be a fit for you.  The other sends you referral after referral, and almost all of them are your ideal target clients.
  • Three different types of Referral Partners – what’s distinctive about each one, why you need them all, and how to work with them for the best results.
  • 7 Out-of-the-Box Sources to create an abundant list of unique potential Referral Partners – the ones who’ll send you lots of referrals.
  • How you can leverage your current relationships to increase your reach – chances are you already have several relationships ripe to become abundant referrers.
  • How to develop an effective networking strategy to fill in any gaps -- stop wasting your time and effort on networking that doesn't bring results.


Step 3 - Engage 'em

 “Knowing exactly what you need to say to start the referral conversation.”

Identifying and finding potential Referral partners is just the first step. The next step is knowing exactly how to approach them and get the conversation started.  This is often the stumbling block that stops entrepreneurs from establishing referral relationships – not starting the right way and getting mediocre results, or not starting it at all because you don’t know what to say.

You'll discover:

  • How to create an instant connection with your potential referral partners so you quickly become someone they know, like and trust (and remember, people refer people they know, like and trust).
  • How to turn your raving fan clients into referral powerhouses. Discover exactly what to say when asking your clients to send you high quality referrals so you don't sound desperate or like a needy nag.
  • Knowing your Refer-ability Factor and how you can increase it to gain trust and more referrals.

Uncovering any mindset roadblocks (yours & your potential partners’) that sabotage your success and doom you to failure.


Step 4 - Train 'em  

"Knowing exactly what you need to provide for your referral partners so they'll be able to get lots of ideal referrals for you."

This is the single most important step to getting more referrals – and the one that most business owners miss out on.  If you skip this module then your success will be greatly limited.  After all, how can you expect anyone to send you referrals when they don’t know how!

You'll discover:

  • My secret 10-point guide to training your referral partners – and yourself!  Without proper training, you’re losing out on getting referrals. In fact, you'll be literally walking away from referrals.
  • What exactly your Referral Partners need to know so that they won't miss or flub an opportunity.
  • What you should give to your referral partners so they'll know EXACTLY what to say and do to generate lots of great referrals for you.
  • What goes into your customized Referral Toolkit and how to use it for maximum effectiveness.
  • The easy way to structure your meetings for best result.
  • How to create your customized training sessions to ensure your referral partners' (and your) success.



Step 5 - Keep 'em  

 “Staying top of mind by nurturing and developing relationships will ensure ongoing referrals.”

Getting and giving referrals obviously helps keep your relationships with your referral partners going. But it's not the only way you can maximize these relationships. There are other things you can do to deepen the quality of the relationships and ensure even more business.

You'll discover:

  • 17 different key activities that strengthen your Referral Partner relationships and lead to more referrals and opportunities – for both of you!
  • The ONE thing you must do that will immediately increase the number of referrals you’ll receive.
  • How to develop a deeper understanding and a closer relationship with your partners so you'll know you can count on them.
  • How to make it stick and turn occasional referrals into frequent referrals.
  • How to easily and effortlessly stay connected and keep the referrals coming.


Step 6 - Track 'em  

“Measuring your results so you can make them even better.”

You can't manage something if you don't measure it.  So if you want to ensure a steady stream of referrals, you've got to track your results. You must always know who referred whom to you.  This will also help you with the next step - rewarding your partners.

You'll discover:

  • The secret to doing a referral review that will bring you even more referrals.
  • What specifically you need to measure and track - essential to get even more referrals.
  • An easy system to stay on top of the game.
  • How to share the results with your referral partners (get this wrong and you'll lose them forever!).


Step 7 -  Reward 'em

“Sharing the wealth” - and doing it the RIGHT way!

Like sprinkles on the icing of the cake, rewarding your referral partners is the finishing touch to getting even more referrals. This step has the potential to multiply the number of referrals you get in short order, yet done poorly, it can ruin a referral relationship fast!

You'll discover:

  • The ONE key mindset you must have in place to ensure continued success.
  • My proprietary 4-Step Guidelines for rewarding your Referral Partners.
  • To pay or not to pay…  And if so, how much?  How to navigate this potential minefield without tripping up and destroying your referral relationships.
  • A plethora of incentive ideas that will inspire your referral partners to redouble their efforts on your behalf (and how to decide which one to use for which referral partner).


"New leads, jobs and referrals from using the tools Sue taught."

"Since taking the course, I've already got several new leads, jobs and referrals from using the tools Sue taught. I've set up appointments with previous clients that are ideal as referral partnerships, to maximize some of the relationships I had already going. They weren't referral partners before the course, but they are now.

I also have a better idea of who are good referral partners for my business, who have good potential. I'm clear about who I want to approach and how to approach them."

Dianne Tipton
Simply Divine Designs


And that's not all...  You're also going to get these 3 great bonuses:

Bonus #1: A signed copy of my acclaimed book "Insider Secrets To Referral Success"

This book will give you an excellent overview over my referral system.  It’s full of examples and stories and is an excellent resource for the course.

Bonus #2:  My popular “Profitable Networking” webinar program

Upon registering, you'll get immediate access and will be able to dive in and start learning how to make your networking truly profitable by connecting effectively with people and asking the right kinds of questions. In this training, which includes access to two webinar replays, transcriptions, a worksheet, and a summary sheet, you'll get crystal clear about the exacts words to use to make your networking profitable.  I'd encourage you to put it to work right away so you can start attracting more clients, and referrals!

And here's my super-duper bonus: 

Bonus #3:   One 60-minute private 1:1 coaching session

While you'll get plenty of coaching and feedback during our weekly phone meetings, plus you can ask me questions in private by email, there are questions and issues that are best handled in a private 1:1 coaching session. 

Sometimes, there may be questions that are too complex or personal for the Q&A session. So you can see the enormous value of getting individual, private time with me where the entire focus is on you and your business challenges.

Of course, this coaching session will be recorded so you can refer back to it whenever you want. It will definitely turbo-charge your success!


Carrie Sharpshair - Arboresque Coaching  -


Wow! This sounds like just what I need – how do I get started?

Getting involved in Get Referrals NOW! is super easy! Simply click on the "Add To Cart" button below...



Here’s how the course is going to work:

This is the exciting part. I’m very passionate about helping you stop the feast-famine cycle and start getting a ton of referrals.  But I don’t just want you to have the information, I actually want you to USE it!  So I’ve designed the Get Referrals NOW! course so that it’s highly customized to each participant and comes with plenty of support.

  • We’ll meet weekly on the phone for your group training and Q&A for five 90-minutes sessions, where we’ll cover new content, answer questions, provide VIP hot seat coaching and more. Each week, there are assignments you’ll need to complete as we cover the process step-by-step.
  • If you have to miss a session - don't worry!  All the calls are recorded and transcribed, so you’ll come away with a complete learning library and won’t lose out should you have to miss a session.
  • During the program you'll schedule your one-on-one coaching session where you can ask any questions you like and we can discuss how to best apply what you've learned to YOUR business.


Call Schedule - 5 Training Sessions Plus 1 follow up Q&A Session

All 90 minutes calls are on Wednesdays at 12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET, 8:00pm GMT) 

Next Program starts the end of February 2016

Can’t make the calls?  Not to worry… immediately after each session, you’ll receive a link to the recording.  AND a few days later you’ll also receive a full transcript of each session so you can follow along and take notes right on the transcript!  It'll turn the program into a complete learning library. This way you can easily refer back to any of the training sessions regardless of your learning preference.

NOTE:  If the next session dates don't work for you contact me for the 2015 program schedule.


So what could this program be worth to you?

Just think about what the lifetime value of one new client is worth to you, and consider how many new clients you'll get once you master the system of getting referrals.  Sure, the specific numbers will vary with your business model, and so will the exact time it takes for you to recoup your investment, but if you work the system, you're going to come out way ahead.

You might also ask yourself what it would cost you to NOT make any changes, of NOT getting more referrals?  Can you really afford NOT to invest in your business in this way? 

I'm confident that you will be thrilled with Get Referrals Now. I know that when you follow the steps and do the work, you will get the referrals and new clients you've been dreaming of.

In fact, I'm so confident that I offer you a 100% money back guarantee! I want you to be thrilled with what you'll learn, or I don't want your money. So if you are unhappy for any reason, just let me know before our THIRD session, and I'll refund your investment.


 "I now have a network of 4 brand new referral partners..."

"Before Get Referrals Now, I was caught up in a web of useless networking, and frustrated by my lack of leads. Networking felt like cold calling to me, which always makes me shiver."

"After only 3 weeks since doing the course, I now have a network of 4 brand new referral partners including the President of a key networking group in my city who asked ME to be HER referral partner!"

"Great content! Very clearly and professionally delivered in an ideal format for a busy home-based business. Sue's depth of knowledge and business wisdom really shone through in this seminar series. Can't recommend it highly enough, that is, unless cold calling is your favorite way of getting new clients. Keep spreading the word, Sue!" .  

Pam Jonsson

Ready to get referrals?

Yes, Sue! I want to join you in Get Referrals NOW! to speed up my marketing, and finally get all the ideal clients I need to make my business truly successful.

I understand that I will receive the following:

  • Teleseminars: I get access to 5 weekly, 90-minute teleseminars filled with step-by-step referral system and motivation that will help me get referral partners. There will be plenty of opportunities for getting answers to my questions as well as group coaching, and I can attend from anywhere I want as long as I have access to a phone.
  • Downloadable recordings:  I'll also get a recording of each call, in case I have a scheduling conflict.  Best of all, I can listen to the replay anytime, whether or not I was able to attend the live call.
  • Downloadable transcripts:  I'll get all training calls as downloadable and printable PDF transcripts so I can take notes while listening to the audios - or even take them along and read them anywhere I like.
  • Group Support:  I'll get access to a private Facebook Group, where I can give and get mutual support and share insights, ideas, and inspiration.
  • Group Coaching: The weekly group calls will provide plenty of opportunities to get my questions answered and receive on the spot coaching.
  • Bonus #1 ($22.95 value) - A signed copy of Sue's acclaimed book "Insider Secrets To Referral Success"  This book will give me an excellent overview over Sue's whole referral system.  It’s full of examples and stories and is an excellent resource for the course.
  • Bonus #2 ($127 value) - The "Profitable Networking" webinar course: One of the keys to getting new clients is making sure I connect with potential leads in a business networking and social settings.  Your very special training "Profitable Networking" will help me solve that challenge and allow me to attract more prospects and clients right away.
  • Bonus #3 ($395 value) - One full hour of 1:1 Coaching! I will also get a full hour of coaching with you, Sue, so I can speak with you in a confidential setting and get your personal feedback and the support and information to help me with my specific situation and challenges...

How much for all of the above? Just $695 CAD for all five weeks plus the bonuses!

I also understand that you're taking on all the risk with your "I love this Training" Guarantee —You guarantee that if I'm not totally thrilled with your training, all I have to do is let you know before the second call and you'll give me all my money back.


If you are ready to grow your business by referrals and step up to finally achieving the referral success you deserve, I invite you to sign up right now:



I look forward to helping you get lots of referrals and grow your business!

To Your Massive Referral Success!

Sue Clement

P.S. Please note that due to the one-on-one coaching component, the number of spots in the program is limited. So if this is something you're ready for, be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity if it’s right for you!


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential.  The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.