Is Marketing Driving You Crazy?

Are you getting as many new clients you wish you would?  
…And are they clients you love to work with? 

Let's face it. Being in business isn't easy. It takes guts, determination, stamina, and business smarts. Even more important, in today's increasingly competitive marketplace it takes a willingness to embrace change, to look at every part of your business and yourself from innovative perspectives.

Scary? You bet!  And if you're like most people, you know you want things to be different but you’re not sure how to make it happen. That's where I can help. I’ve coached thousands of business owners on to greater fulfillment and success in business.

Is your business underperforming or perhaps it never really got off the ground the way you had hoped?  Or you’re simply ready to take your success and leverage it much larger.  In that case, you have a decision to make:  Decide to do something different and to get some help or continue to struggle and maintain the results you have.

Complimentary Business Strategy Session

If you’re ready to do what it takes and serious about getting more clients, I would like to help you -- by inviting you to apply for a…

Complimentary Marketing Strategy Session

 Here's What You'll Get:

  • We will get on the phone and talk about your business
  • We'll clarify your goals
  • We'll identify the obstacles that have been holding you back from getting what you want
  • We'll talk about strategies that will help you get more clients, and more revenues
  • We'll identify the next step that will get you closer to your goals
  • You'll get support and feedback from someone who’s been there and understands your situation

"How a strategy session lead to $40,000"

Kristi Shmyr - Goal Ninjas -

What's Your Investment For the Session?

Although valued at over $350 – you won’t have to pay anything. Your investment is simply an hour of your time and the decision to implement what we discuss.

Here's What You Should Know:

A strategy session is the opportunity to work “on your business” not “in it”.  You’ll get more clarity about the challenges that stand in your way, and a better understanding of what it takes to move beyond your biggest obstacles to successfully grow your business.

You'll receive support and feedback from a marketing and referral expert who has helped countless other business owners solve marketing problems similar to yours -- owners who then went on to greater success.

You'll leave our session inspired and re-energized, filled with the knowledge that you really can achieve your goals -- and how to go about doing just that.

Sound Like a Fit?

Great!  Here's how we get it done.Simply complete my ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire by going to the link below. Once I’ve reviewed it, I’ll send you an email to access our online scheduler – just
pick a convenient time and you’re all set.   Don’t Delay – Do It Now!

Complimentary Business Strategy Session

"How I built a sustainable marketing strategy that really works!"

"What I notice about myself when coaching with Sue is that I when I lose focus, she doesn't! Her razor-sharp sense of direction gently pulls me back to remembering my goals and more importantly, remembering my new strategy.  Sue has what the other coaches don’t have: a clear sense of how to build a sustainable marketing strategy that really works!"

Cory Bretz -

"Sue wouldn't let me get away with mediocrity!"

"Before working with Sue, I had nothing but the most basic idea of how to start my business. Sue's coaching sessions were like an intensive applied business school, they were practical, and chock full of rich tips and resources that I could use immediately to see results. Sue has been great at keeping me accountable, but also believed in me, as I, like many entrepreneurs, have a hard time putting sufficient value on their services. Sue knows what I have to offer is valuable, but would not let me get away with mediocrity, and she constantly encouraged me to push the limits of what I thought possible."

 Richard Tatomir, id.entity / Richard Tatomir Consulting Ltd.-


"I was surprised at the clariety I gained in just one hour"

"Sue's complimentary strategy session was a very generous a chance to discuss my business, where it started and where it's heading. Sue's ability to ask incisive questions really allows for an opportunity to assess and reflect about where one might be wanting to head next. Her suggestions were spot on and I would love to work with Sue as I have every confidence that coaching with her would positively impact my business!"


Amelia Critchlow -

                   "Specific steps that lead to real results!"

"A lot of trainers can bring a level of excitement to a presentation but what I look for is that they also bring a level of activity and accountability. Sue’s program definitely is all about activity and accountability! But not just any activity. Sue made it easy to accept the fact that I had a huge amount to learn about how to build my business.  She helped me create an action plan with specific steps that made sure I focused my efforts on activities that would yield the greatest results. Her program made it easy to jump in and learn the skills and techniques necessary. With the program support, accountability and coaching my business blossomed quickly and has continued to grow – it’s more than doubled in the past 4 years.  I use what I have learned from Sue on a daily basis - that's great value. In summary, it works."

Richard Nash -

"How I quadrupled my sales!"

"Working with Sue my sales more than doubled. The structure and support really kept me on track, since then I have quadrupled my annual sales. I found the information Sue shared and her coaching instrumental to my success. I'm very pleased with both the immediate and long lasting results."

Brian Cole -