referral partners

When you get a referral, you may wonder what you can do to inspire the referral source to refer even more people to you. You'd think it would help if you rewarded them. And to a point that's true. However, getting this one right can be trickier than it seems.

Referrals are key to growing your business. But rather than take a wait and see approach hoping to get some referrals a proactive approach is to strategically develop Referral Partners -- people who you have a relationship with and who proactively introduce and refer you to your target prospects. The prospects they send you are the easiest-to-convert leads you'll ever get. 

Would you like more referrals?  How about better referrals?  
Read on for a key 7-step strategy that will help you get both more and higher quality referrals that are a better fit for you. 
Would you like to generate more referrals for BOTH someone else and yourself? 
Well, a very effective strategy is to start giving more testimonials. Yes, it's surprising how something so simple and easy can have such an enormous impact on referrals. 

Here's it is:  One of the biggest secrets to having more leads turn into clients is starting out with better quality leads. Yep... I know that sounds simple, but better quality leads are basically pre-qualified leads -- prospects that fit your target customer profile and are interested in what you have to sell, ready to buy it, and able to afford your prices.    

If you're looking to grow you business faster, start by looking for opportunities to build referral partner relationships. I consider this "networking on steroids". After all, wouldn't you love it if you started to get referrals coming your way... every week!
If you want to leverage your networking time and efforts, stop looking for prospects at networking events and start looking for referral partners.
Pretty simple... right?  But not as easy as it sounds.