networking strategies

Networking is a Life Skill Not a Sales Skill

It isn’t a place you’s a way of being. Networking is about building associations, making connections and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Do you think of networking as an arduous activity that requires a special time, a special place, and, well...  special skills?

It's funny how we get our best ideas sometimes...

There I was, on one of my daily walks, when I started to notice something...

Recently, I was talking with a business owner who was grumbling that networking was a waste of time. 
Every month they spend days and evening at numerous networking events but hadn't received any new business. Much to their despair, they've just experienced a shrinking wallet and a growing waistline from all those eggs & sausages and rubber chickens.
If you're looking to grow you business faster, start by looking for opportunities to build referral partner relationships. I consider this "networking on steroids". After all, wouldn't you love it if you started to get referrals coming your way... every week!
Are you networking as a startegy to grow your business?  Is you focus on constantly looking for more prospects?  If you wearing yourself attending scores of networking events and still have very little to show for it.
It's time to try something else.
A good way to get started is by learning from your mistakes...
"Let's do lunch."  How often have you heard that phrase.  And how often have you wondered if you are actually "doing lunch" correctly.  Here are seven tips for acing that business lunch.
1. Lunch is for connecting
It's not about getting business, certainly not directly, so leave your samples and folders behind (unless your guest has specifically requested them), and it's not really about the food either.
If you want to leverage your networking time and efforts, stop looking for prospects at networking events and start looking for referral partners.
Pretty simple... right?  But not as easy as it sounds.