marketing priorities

Many small business owners tell me they just don't have enough time for marketing. 

Often with all the demands of a business it can feel like you're being pushed & pulled between a long list of things to do. You barely have enough time to take care of your current clients and complete the ever growing list of things to do that often marketing goes by the wayside. 

Are these summer days making you lazy? Are you craving some time away from the daily hustle?   Then why not take an afternoon off and spend it in an enjoyable place (the beach, your favorite cafe, the park etc.) and review the results you've been getting from your marketing efforts so far this year.
Frequently I hear clients comment on how they just never have enough time to do much marketing. Perhaps you too feel you barely have enough time to service your current clients, much less spend time marketing for new ones. 
Unfortunately, most of us have experienced what happens when we stop marketing and get caught up in service delivery - we end up in the feast / famine cycle. 

Remember Steven Covey's  book "7 Habits of Effective People"? One of my favorites was Habit #7 --  the importance to sharpening your saw.     

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to saw down a tree.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

If you've ever had writers block you'll understand marketing block - it's when you know you need to get some marketing happening but you just can't get anything going. Whether it's attending a networking event, doing some follow up, sending out a newsletter, writing some marketing collateral, or booking a speaking engagement. 
Recently I made the comment - "that regardless of what business you're in, you're really in the business of sales & marketing".