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"Let's do lunch."  How often have you heard that phrase.  And how often have you wondered if you are actually "doing lunch" correctly.  Here are seven tips for acing that business lunch.
1. Lunch is for connecting
It's not about getting business, certainly not directly, so leave your samples and folders behind (unless your guest has specifically requested them), and it's not really about the food either.
Do you get lots of leads -- and wonder why they don't buy?  You're not alone. Read on to discover the key to turning leads into clients -- and clients into your biggest fans.

Business Lessons from Marketing Guru Arlene Dickenson  

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Arlene Dickenson, a Canadian marketing professional and CEO of Venture Communications speak. She made some great points in her presentation that I want to share some of the highlights with you. 

Yes, it's January and the usual time of year to reflect on the past and dream of better things to come. But you've got to ask yourself - what's going to be different this year? 
Are you excited about all the possibilities of 2011?  Have you spent some time yet on figuring out what you want to achieve -- and how to get there?
One of my favorite Einstein's quotes is "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results." Now I want you to be honest - how many times have you done that with your business?  
Yep, I bet many of you are nodding your heads. We want things to be different but so often we just fall into the rut of how it's always been and keep plowing ahead - hoping that "this time it'll be different"  ... and it's not!  
We all started the year with excitement and hope of new and better things to come. But then as the months chug by we can often find ourselves a bit off track... and for some of us... way off track. 
It's essential in business to stop and take stock of how we're doing - at least mid-way through the year. Actually, monthly is better and perhaps I'm biased here, but working with a Business Coach weekly is BEST! Ok... I just had to say it. ;-)