business success

Are you frustrated with the results you've been getting from your marketing efforts? Do you work far too hard for too little payback? Are you constantly in struggle mode? You may think you don't have enough information, and you may be frantically chasing the next big thing.

Remember Steven Covey's  book "7 Habits of Effective People"? One of my favorites was Habit #7 --  the importance to sharpening your saw.     

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to saw down a tree.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

Do you wish you knew of an investment that REALLY pays off... BIG?   

Are you frustrated with the testimonials you've been getting. Are they too infrequent or do they just not sound as exciting as you think they could or should? 

Leaping Lizards!   February 29th is Leap Day!   A once-in-every-four-years opportunity!  You get a whole extra day!   A whole extra 24 hours.  How are you going to use that bonus time?

I have a suggestion...

You know that goal setting is a smart idea. And you may have even heard that setting and working towards goals is likely to make you 40% more income.   But still you don't manage to keep at it long enough to get the results you're wishing for...

This past weekend I spent Saturday at the TEDxCapU event and had the opportunity to hear some great speakers share fresh ideas. The a couple really stood out for me and so here’s some thoughts that most inspired me…

Last weekend at Lisa Sasevich’s Impact & Influence event I had the opportunity to hear Robert Allen speak. I’m sure you know the name – Robert is a multiple best-selling author with some of his more recent & popular books being Multiple Streams of Income, Creating Wealth, Nothing Down and The One Minute Millionaire.

So you want more clients, and you're not sure how to get them. You've tried networking and lots of other ways to get their attention, but maybe you haven't tried this missing link... listening to their buying signals.

Buying signals? What the heck!

By now most of you have heard about the importance of answering the WIIFM  (what's in it for me?) question in your marketing. After all, the first Law of Marketing is to attract attention and there's nothing better than addressing the needs and interests of prospects - their WIIFM. 
But how many of you know about the Law of Uniqueness?