Last weekend at Lisa Sasevich’s Impact & Influence event I had the opportunity to hear Robert Allen speak. I’m sure you know the name – Robert is a multiple best-selling author with some of his more recent & popular books being Multiple Streams of Income, Creating Wealth, Nothing Down and The One Minute Millionaire.

By now most of you have heard about the importance of answering the WIIFM  (what's in it for me?) question in your marketing. After all, the first Law of Marketing is to attract attention and there's nothing better than addressing the needs and interests of prospects - their WIIFM. 
But how many of you know about the Law of Uniqueness? 

Business Lessons from Marketing Guru Arlene Dickenson  

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Arlene Dickenson, a Canadian marketing professional and CEO of Venture Communications speak. She made some great points in her presentation that I want to share some of the highlights with you.