networking skills

This is a strategy I use a lot, especially for evening networking events - "Go Tag Team!"
Yes, I often entice my husband to join me at networking events especially evenings when I'm tempted to opt-out and not attend.  This way I get there and it generally makes the evening more fun... and successful. 
Being good at networking actually involves quite a few complex skills, and as with all skills, the more you practice, the better you get.  Read on for six tips that will make you a much more effective networker.
1. Build your verbal fluency 
How can you build a strong network?  It's really not rocket science.  Here are some easy to do key strategies to develop a strong network.
I often coach clients on creating compelling networking introductions. Frequently the debate is, "which is better: focusing on the pain or loss (as one of my clients phrased it "backing up the hearse") or instead, should you focus on the prospect's aspirations or gains?" Which works best?

Are your networking efforts working for you?

When it comes to marketing efforts, it's important to determine which ones are paying for themselves, which ones are bringing in the bulk of your business, and which ones are duds.  

Read on for a way to figure out if your networking is paying you back for your efforts.

Networking is about making connections.  The more quality connections you make, the better for your business. But making connections is a skill that some people find challenging.  Fortunately, it's also a skill that can be learned.  And not only that -- if you can just eliminate the biggest mistake people make, you'll improve your results significantly, ...and fast.

Are you networking as a strategy to grow your business?  Is your focus on constantly looking for more prospects?  If you're wearing yourself out attending scores of networking events and still have very little to show for it.
It's time to try something else.
A good way to get started is by learning from your mistakes...

Awkward networkerDo you feel awkward when you're at networking events? Are you less than thrilled to attend a networking event and would rather be home with a good book (or even housecleaning) than talk to people you don't even know? There are ways to make networking more comfortable - and more productive - even for shy, nervous, or reluctant networkers.

Do you ever wonder how to get better results from all your business networking events? If you think about it, they can be quite an investment in time - and even money. So what do you get in return?