how to get clients

So you want more clients, and you're not sure how to get them. You've tried networking and lots of other ways to get their attention, but maybe you haven't tried this missing link... listening to their buying signals.

Buying signals? What the heck!

It's funny how we get our best ideas sometimes...

There I was, on one of my daily walks, when I started to notice something...

Do you believe in the summer lull?  How about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?  They're all myths.  Read on to discover why summer is the perfect time to move ahead of your competition.

Most people believe that "everybody" is out of town during the summer.  And so they think they're excused from putting any effort into marketing.  Let them.

Here's it is:  One of the biggest secrets to having more leads turn into clients is starting out with better quality leads. Yep... I know that sounds simple, but better quality leads are basically pre-qualified leads -- prospects that fit your target customer profile and are interested in what you have to sell, ready to buy it, and able to afford your prices.    

Do you get lots of leads -- and wonder why they don't buy?  You're not alone. Read on to discover the key to turning leads into clients -- and clients into your biggest fans.