client retention

It's been said that "Relationships make the world go round". As business owners, relationships are at the core of our business  and our abillity to develop strong relationships is key to our success.  That includes relationships with our customers and clients, with our suppliers, our referral partners and all those people we network with year in and year out.

This past weekend I spent Saturday at the TEDxCapU event and had the opportunity to hear some great speakers share fresh ideas. The a couple really stood out for me and so here’s some thoughts that most inspired me…

At this time of year our thoughts drift to Thanksgiving and the people and the things in our lives that we're thankful for.

At least that's how it is supposed to go, but sometimes, when times are tough or extra busy it can be hard to remember that even if there are challenges, we have many things to be grateful for. Expressing gratitude one of the surest ways to not only feel more encouraged, but it also helps in attracting more positive things and people into our lives.