Are beginnings tough for you? If they are - don't worry you're not alone!    Recently I was coaching a client (let's just call him Bob) who had identified a project that would make a big difference to his business. Each week he would come to the coaching session not having done any work on it but still very committed to the idea, promising that "this would be the
Is your business running you instead of the other way round? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the many aspects of keeping your business going, let alone market it effectively? If so, you're not alone. In a recent survey, more than half the respondents said that handling all the components of running a business was a big challenge. And even more had trouble with handling the marketing to bring
Recently, I was talking with a business owner who was grumbling that networking was a waste of time.    Every month they spend days and evening at numerous networking events but hadn't received any new business. Much to their despair, they've just experienced a shrinking wallet and a growing waistline from all those eggs & sausages and rubber chickens.   Do
Would you like to generate more referrals for BOTH someone else and yourself?    Well, a very effective strategy is to start giving more testimonials. Yes, it's surprising how something so simple and easy can have such an enormous impact on referrals.   Webster's defines testimonials as: "a statement testifying to benefits received". Or more informally,
Here's it is:  One of the biggest secrets to having more leads turn into clients is starting out with better quality leads. Yep... I know that sounds simple, but better quality leads are basically pre-qualified leads -- prospects that fit your target customer profile and are interested in what you have to sell, ready to buy it, and able to afford your prices.     Getting
It was the last stop for gas until we reached the Oregon coast - we were in the small town of Philomath, population of 4100. As I was pumping gas, I looked across the street and the sign "Fitness Over 50" made me smile. Now there's someone who knows how to define a niche!    In conversation I mentioned the name of the fitness club to the cashier. She went on to
If you've ever had writers block you'll understand marketing block - it's when you know you need to get some marketing happening but you just can't get anything going. Whether it's attending a networking event, doing some follow up, sending out a newsletter, writing some marketing collateral, or booking a speaking engagement.    Ever feel paralyzed by marketing
If you're looking to grow you business faster, start by looking for opportunities to build referral partner relationships. I consider this "networking on steroids". After all, wouldn't you love it if you started to get referrals coming your way... every week!   Yes, we all would. I encourage my clients to take networking to a new level by focusing their efforts on
Are you networking as a startegy to grow your business?  Is you focus on constantly looking for more prospects?  If you wearing yourself attending scores of networking events and still have very little to show for it.   It's time to try something else.   A good way to get started is by learning from your mistakes...   How many of these five mistakes are
By now most of you have heard about the importance of answering the WIIFM  (what's in it for me?) question in your marketing. After all, the first Law of Marketing is to attract attention and there's nothing better than addressing the needs and interests of prospects - their WIIFM.    But how many of you know about the Law of Uniqueness?  Many business owners