Would you like more referrals?  How about better referrals?     Read on for a key 7-step strategy that will help you get both more and higher quality referrals that are a better fit for you.    You've probably heard it before.  To get more of what's working for you... do more of what's working.  It seems almost too obvious but it's
It's Labor Day weekend, and I hope you're celebrating the holiday by enjoying barbecue with your loved ones.  It's also a day to reflect on our chosen work... and so I decided to do some reflecting myself and share it with you... As you know, Labor Day started as a day to celebrate organized Labor. So while it's originally about jobs and employment, it interestingly turned
The days are getting shorter again, and Labor Day is just around the corner. So before the craziness of fall activities rev up, now is a perfect time to get ready for a success last third of the year.  I find now is the perfect time to leverage the slower pace of summer to rev up your marketing game.     Read on to find out how...   Some of your clients may be
Are these summer days making you lazy? Are you craving some time away from the daily hustle?   Then why not take an afternoon off and spend it in an enjoyable place (the beach, your favorite cafe, the park etc.) and review the results you've been getting from your marketing efforts so far this year.   Take a notepad and/or your laptop, and calculator along with a picnic basket
I often coach clients on creating compelling networking introductions. Frequently the debate is, "which is better: focusing on the pain or loss (as one of my clients phrased it "backing up the hearse") or instead, should you focus on the prospect's aspirations or gains?" Which works best?   Lets' explore this further.    On one hand...
Frequently I hear clients comment on how they just never have enough time to do much marketing. Perhaps you too feel you barely have enough time to service your current clients, much less spend time marketing for new ones.    Unfortunately, most of us have experienced what happens when we stop marketing and get caught up in service delivery - we end up in the feast / famine cycle
In coaching a wide range of entrepreneurs I frequently, see ways that people hold themselves back from their success and have experienced many myself. I'm sure we've all heard the phrase of "getting out of our own way", well, here are 6 ways that you might be sabotaging your success.    Have a read through and see what your favorite is.    "I
Are your networking efforts working for you? When it comes to marketing efforts, it's important to determine which ones are paying for themselves, which ones are bringing in the bulk of your business, and which ones are duds.   Read on for a way to figure out if your networking is paying you back for your efforts. When it comes to evaluate the return of your investment (ROI) of
  How can you build a strong network?  It's really not rocket science.  Here are some easy to do key strategies to develop a strong network.   You meet dozens of new people each month -- or even each week.  Many of them would fit nicely into your network.  But how can you make sure they'll become part of a really strong network.  How can you turn
Networking is about making connections.  The more quality connections you make, the better for your business. But making connections is a skill that some people find challenging.  Fortunately, it's also a skill that can be learned.  And not only that -- if you can just eliminate the biggest mistake people make, you'll improve your results significantly, ...and fast