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FREE  20-Day Client Attraction Challenge!

We all know marketing is the key to gaining more prospects and clients.

But it's so easy to let it slide… especially during the summer!

To help you beat the summer blahs I've designed a FREE 20-Day Client Attraction Challenge that'll move you into action... the easy way!

The key is bite sized marketing...

This means doing something to move your business forward every day, because taking consistent action will exponentially impact your results!

Here's How the Challenge Works

Every morning starting August 17th (Monday to Friday) you’ll wake up to an email or video from me outlining a marketing strategy for you to take action on that day. Your goal is to complete the challenge.  I’ll also share tips and “how to” strategies that will help you complete the challenge with greater success. 

By the end of the 20 days you’ll have a complete collection of my best marketing activities designed to attract more clients!  And you can even work the list over & over again throughout the year for a boost in sales anytime!

This results-based daily program is designed to help you focus on consistently taking proven action steps that get results. Don't worry about being overwhelmed with the Challenge. Many of the bite-sized marketing activities will take just minutes a day and yet they are sure to boost your sales.

And if you think small actions won’t make a big difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room!

Why 20 days?

Well, "normally" it takes 21 days to create a habit, but I’m confident that with all the positive results you’ll get, these steps will become part of your routine within just 20 days! :) 

After all, the goal is to get you into the habit of doing marketing tasks every day... and seeing results! Once you realize how easy and effective it is, you won't want to stop!

We’ll even have a private Facebook group, so you can connect with others in the program. You'll be able to swap best strategies, share successes, keep motivated and get help from me should you get stuck on a challenge.

You'll be amazed at the difference the challenge bites will make to your business!

By the end of the 20 days you'll find yourself with more contacts and deeper relationships, more visibility, AND more clients and sales! Let the competition snooze on the beach. You'll be leaving them in the dust come September.

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