Summer Marketing Secrets: How to Use the Summer Slowdown to Rev Up Your Marketing Game!

The days are getting shorter again, and Labor Day is just around the corner. So before the craziness of fall activities rev up, now is a perfect time to get ready for a success last third of the year.  I find now is the perfect time to leverage the slower pace of summer to rev up your marketing game.  


Read on to find out how...


summer marketingSome of your clients may be out of town, and there are few networking meetings to go to, so you have some extra time on your hands.  Why not put it to good use and take care of those important tasks that you don't really get to during the rest of the year. It'll seriously up-level your marketing game. Do it, and you'll be in great shape come September.


1. Mid Year Review


Now is the perfect time to take a few hours and look at how the year has been going. Start by taking stock. How far along are you? Then go over your goals and compare where you are in relation to them.  Are you on track? Or are you behind? Maybe you're even ahead.


2. Adjust Your Goals


Depending on what you find, it may be time to adjust your goals...  First of all, make sure they're specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based, i.e., make sure they're S.M.A.R.T. goals. And then, make adjustments as needed relative to your current progress towards them.


If you're behind, it's time to get caught up.  However, if you're too far behind, you may want to adjust your goals so you have a chance to reach them. Goals should be a stretch, but they shouldn't be Mission Impossible.


If you're ahead of your goals, then adjust them in the other direction. After all, you'll want to be challenged - and wouldn't it be nice to do even better this year than you had originally planned?


3. Re-Evaluate Your Ideal Client Profile


If you've known me for any length of time, you already know how much I emphasize the importance of having an ideal client profile - and sticking to it.  It allows you to focus your marketing much more effectively, and it helps you reach your target client as well.


With your marketing more focused you'll make members of your target audience perk up and feel like you're the one they want to hire. And others too will find it easier to think of someone to recommend you to. It's the first thing you should do when you get started with your marketing, and it's important to review regularly.


Chances are that you've slacked off a bit, and sometimes, you might find that your ideal client profile has changed. Either way, taking another look and getting your focus realigned is something that will serve you well come fall.


4. Tweak Your Networking Introduction


Once you've re-evaluated and possibly recalibrated your ideal client profile, it's time to tweak your networking introduction or answer to the "what do you do?" question, especially if there have been changes. But even without major changes, go over your introduction with a fine-toothed comb and make sure it's as effective as possible.  After all, it's your key tool for getting your perfect prospects' attention.


5. Review Your Marketing Strategies


Finally, make sure to review your marketing strategies.  You may find that some of them are working much better for you than others.  As you do your review, consider which strategies have brought you the most clients - and which ones haven't.


If most of your clients came from networking, for example, focus on doing more networking.  Make sure to evaluate the different associations or groups you attend - which ones give you the better connections. The groups that aren't working evaluate if you want to invest more time attending in the fall... maybe there are other groups and places to try out. If advertising or press releases haven't brought you any, cut down on them, and maybe even cut them out altogether.


Remember to think broadly.  While getting clients is definitely the most important potential benefit of marketing, it's not the only one.  Other benefits include enhancing your reputation as an expert building your community and increasing your visibility online and off. 


So be sure to keep a strategy or three in place even though they may contribute only indirectly to attracting new clients.  Just adjust the time and resources you allot.


As you see, there are plenty of tasks that will benefit from a bit of extra attention. And investing time now before the slower days of summer pass to actually work "ON" your business will greatly enhance your success when the temperatures fall again, and the networking scene heats up.


And if you'd like to talk about which of these would be the best ones for you to be working on, why notschedule a no-cost Marketing Strategy session? You'll find that you'll get a greatly improved perspective about your business that will rev up your marketing game even more.


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