Self-Sabotage -- The Enemy of Business Success

We all started the year with excitement and hope of new and better things to come. But then as the months chug by we can often find ourselves a bit off track... and for some of us... way off track. 
It's essential in business to stop and take stock of how we're doing - at least mid-way through the year. Actually, monthly is better and perhaps I'm biased here, but working with a Business Coach weekly is BEST! Ok... I just had to say it. ;-) 
Perhaps it's not the plan, goals or strategies you're using that are slowing you down - sometimes it's "Ourselves". 
Are you sabotaging your success? Here are some things to consider: 
I thought I'd get right to the heart of the matter with this one. Is there something that you need to be doing but just can't bring yourself to do - like making those follow-up calls? Or maybe it's one of those items that you conveniently forget... until just as you're falling asleep at night. What activities do you most often avoid or put off... repeatedly? 
It could be that fear is holding you back. Susan Jeffers book title - "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" - says it all. Sometimes it just about doing it and once done, it's so much easier than you'd thought possible. Try the motto - "do the worst, first"
For tougher situations, I like to use what I coined as - "The 3 Get Principles" - Get training. Get support. Or Get it off the list. I have found working with clients; that doing one of the 3 will usually move them forward. 
Start by getting either more training, or more support or help in doing the task and if neither training or support work, then get it off the list and stop the energy drain and negative feelings! Find another way that you will DO to accomplish the same results, and you'll be much farther ahead. 
Lack of focus, clarity, direction, or purpose. All these end up in what looks like procrastination or poor time management. So rather than working at managing time, which is somewhat unlikely, look deeper and view procrastination or poor time management skills as symptoms to what we're lacking. Which for many is - focus, clarity, direction or purpose. When we have clarity and a strong connection to our vision, purpose and goals, procrastination falls aside. 
So don't run out and take another time management course or buy yet another 'system' to keep you on track. Instead, invest in an afternoon to dream, scheme and to write out the BIG vision for your business and life. Bring some clarity and purpose to the picture and you'll be amazed at how your efficiency, productivity and results improve! 
Just think, if you had a change in either of these two areas, what might you accomplish?
With September just around the corner take time now to look at what's holding you back and get ready for a great start in September!