Planning for a Successful Year -- 12 Questions for Boosting Your Business

As we take down one calendar and put up our new shiny 2014 calendar, I find it valuable to stop and reflect over the past year. I like to call it a "post mortem". A time to contemplate the successes and failures of the past year - a look back to count your blessings, think about the lessons learned and new insights gained.
Although it's exciting to charge forward with new plans for the coming year, I encourage you to first reflect on the past - was 2013 good, indifferent, challenging, stellar, memorable, one you'd like to forget or your best year yet?  Regardless of the answer, there's valuable learning to benefit from. 
Here are some questions to ponder and yes, if you truly want to get the most from this exercise please "do the work" of actually writing out your answers instead of a quick read thru and hastily thought answers. 
Taking 12 minutes to write out your review could be worth thousands to you. I suggest you look your notes over a couple of times over the next few days. If you are like me, you will likely add more thoughts with each quick review. 
So are your ready? Sit quietly, think and write:  <HINT:  Don't get hung up judging or comparing your answers to what "could of", or "should o" been. Just write down the first uncensored thought that comes.
  1. What accomplishment from last year am I most happy about (personal and/or professional)? Feel free to list 1 to 3 accomplishments. 
  2. What was my greatest disappointment from last year (personal and/or professional)? 
  3. What was the greatest challenge that I overcame or handled last year? 
  4. What did I tolerate (put up with) last year that limited my success? 
  5. What behaviors (or ways of being) limited my success last year?
  6. What beliefs did I hold that limited or prevented me from achieving what I wanted last year? 
  7. Is there anything that I would like to leave behind and not experience again? 
  8. What am I thankful or grateful for?
Looking Forward
  1. What activity brought me my greatest success last year that would I like to repeat or continue to do in 2014?
  2. What one behavior that if I did consistently, would make the biggest difference in my life and/or business this coming year? 
  3. What will I do that is new or different in the coming year to achieve the results I want? 
  4. Of the things that I wanted to accomplish last year and didn't, which ones do I choose to keep on my list for the coming year?
I promise you that the insights gained by writing out answers will propel you to a more successful 2014. So schedule some time to this week and get writing!