My Valentine's Day Gifts for You!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today's the day to give treats to your loved ones (and even yourself!). It's also the perfect time to acknowledge other people you appreciate, for example your suppliers, clients and prospects too.

And so, I have cooked up something special for you...

First, your Valentine's gift!

In business, we don't generally say the "L" (love) word. But since a main component of our success is how well we build relationships, I thought you would enjoy this audio recording of a very topical interview I did with my friend and mentor, Suzanne Krya who's an international empowerment speaker, a registered Clinical Counselor and the founder of Living Big Retreats.

In this 'unplugged' interview, Suzanne shares plenty of her wisdom, specifically about how we can develop healthy business relationships, be more attractive by connecting with your clients in a heart-centered way and how to feel more passion towards our biz. Click Here to listen now.

And wait, there's more!

In order to help you connect with your prospects more effectively, I created a very special Valentine's Day Only $50 off coupon for you...

As you know, your ability to answer that age old question, "What do you do?" will either end up in missed opportunities or in new prospects or referrals. And the good news is that it's completely up to you!

But the bad news is that all too often the opportunity is missed because you don't have a compelling reply and just answer the question literally with the title or 'label' of what you actually "DO".   Like... "I'm a realtor, I'm a consultant, I'm a house painter, I'm a fill in the blank etc..."

I'm sad to tell you that introducing yourself with your label is one of the least successful ways of standing out and being remembered ...and referred!  You see, people don't really care about what you 'do' - they however care very much about what they 'get'.

And that gets us right back to Valentine's Day.

Whether you're at a formal business networking event or out socially with friends and acquaintances, the key to getting more prospects and referrals is your compelling introduction - whether you want to call it elevator pitch, 60-second commercial, or audio logo!

So how do you do that?

In my webinar course - "The Perfect Elevator Pitch," you'll discover step-by-step exactly how to create your very own attention-getting networking introduction. In fact, the two instantly downloadable session recordings even include some on-the-spot coaching, where I answered questions you might have as well and gave plenty of examples, plus worksheet and transcripts.

And because it's Valentine's Day, I want to give you a VERY special offer: $50 off!

Just claim your instantly accessible recordings of the course using the special coupon code "Valentine" (without the quotation marks) And you get it at almost half off!

But don't wait... because this coupon is valid just for Valentine's Day week and expires at midnight PST on February 18th!

Click here for details and to get the course.

In the meantime, as always, much success and...

Happy Valentine's Day!