Marketing Strategies -- How to Find More Time for Marketing

Frequently I hear clients comment on how they just never have enough time to do much marketing. Perhaps you too feel you barely have enough time to service your current clients, much less spend time marketing for new ones. 
Unfortunately, most of us have experienced what happens when we stop marketing and get caught up in service delivery - we end up in the feast / famine cycle. 
Ok, so given that we'd all could use a little more time, it just isn't possible - but what can we do to find more time for marketing our business? 
Here are 3 simple but very effective ideas to help you keep marketing a part of your routine.
TIP #1
Plan ahead and be consistent - be clear about what marketing strategies yield the best result and then like clockwork make sure to carry out the activity consistently. If it's networking, then find the best event or group and go all the time - no excuses! If it's sending out letters or making calls then put it in your schedule and treat it like an appointment with your biggest client - one you'd never cancel on. 
TIP #2
Cut the number of hours you spend on other tasks. I know, this sounds crazy! But unless you know the secret of making more time, then the only way to have more time for marketing is to spend less time on other tasks. Be ruthless about saying "No" to non-essential tasks, and saying "Yes" to delegating and prioritizing. Perhaps it's time to hire some support staff or consider using a Virtual Assistant. 
TIP #3
Leverage your relationship with your current clients. If you're not keeping in touch with your existing or recent clients you're wasting opportunities for getting new business and quality referrals. Be specific and strategic in how you ask existing clients to refer to you. If you are not sure how to do this, call me for a complimentary coaching session. 
This week take some time (yes, you can!) and write out a simple plan outlining marketing strategies that work best for you, then map out how much time to commit and when you plan on doing them. Finally, what accountability do you need to keep you on track and perhaps chose a reward to keep you motivated. I'm sure with a bit of focus you'll find time and your results will make it all worth while.


Love your blog! I find this

Love your blog!
I find this post particularly useful, thank you Sue!