Insights from TEDxCapU - you can master change!

This past weekend I spent Saturday at the TEDxCapU event and had the opportunity to hear some great speakers share fresh ideas. The a couple really stood out for me and so here’s some thoughts that most inspired me…

Peter van Stolk, founder of Jones Soda, spoke about “change” and the planner vs. the dreamer. I know I have a bit of each but probably lean to the dreamer side – how about you? 

Here are some of Peter’s comments…

  • How each deal with change – the planner fears losing control & the dreamer fears losing freedom
  • Focus on the issue – not the path
  • When we get comfortable we don’t change  [Sue’s comment: I suppose feeling uncomfortable is a good thing]
  • When we get out of fear we can do so much more
  • The most important discipline in dealing with change is understanding the future – not reacting to the present.
  • Stay emotionally connect with your customers
  • Listen from your clients, employees, stakeholders perspective & communicate without judgement and acknowledge what’s being said
  • The key to successful relationships is using your ears because your ears will never get you in trouble (unlike your mouth can)
  • Stay focused on the future… be present for tomorrow… plan your dreams… and be comfortable with change

So which of these points impact you? Please comment & share your insight as I’d love to hear them.

Stay tuned for more highlights from other speakers…



Thanks for this wonderful thoughts. Everyone should be prepared for every change that will come and it should be treated as a friend that normally visits us.