How to Generate More Referrals

Would you like to generate more referrals for BOTH someone else and yourself? 
Well, a very effective strategy is to start giving more testimonials. Yes, it's surprising how something so simple and easy can have such an enormous impact on referrals.
Webster's defines testimonials as: "a statement testifying to benefits received". Or more informally, one could call it  "the gift that keeps on giving".
The benefits of a testimonial:
  • Rewards and recognizes others for providing a good service 
  • Creates credibility, trust and value for an individual or their business 
  • Provides added visibility for both you and the person the testimonial is for 
  • Generates more business and new clients 
So what goes into creating a powerful testimonial?
  • Make it interesting 
  • Be brief and to the point - use simple language 
  • Focus on true-to-life success stories 
  • Most importantly - use facts and figures and focus on positive outcomes (saves money or time, solves a problem, above and beyond service received etc) 
So you're thinking that's all fine and well - I just need to type up a quote or letter and send it off. Yes, you'd be right - but this is just the minimum and a somewhat traditional method of providing a testimonial. 
Testimonials aren't just a quote or letter you type up and send off. There's so much more you can do with a well thought out testimonial:
  • When you introduce someone at a networking or social event - give your endorsement and tell their success story (don't forget to use facts & figures) 
  • Introduce someone in your newsletter - I do each week with my "resource of the week" section 
  • Bring them up in a conversation when you hear a need from someone you feel could value their services 
Giving someone a testimonial may not guarantee new business but it will create the opportunity for a new business relationship to start.
At the beginning of this article I indicated that testimonials can grow BOTH yours and someone else's business. This will happen. When you start supporting your network - they will support you in return.
So be a role model. Find opportunities to share your endorsement and testimonials - you'll be amazed at how others will begin to endorse you because - what goes around comes around
And one more thing, don't forget to show an abundance of gratitude when someone gives you an endorsement or testimonial
Today, stop and think about who you can endorse and find a way to share your testimonial. It really does feel great!