How Business is Just Like Pie!

It's hard to believe that just a month ago I was on vacation in Oregon.  It all seems like a blur now so I couldn't help but take a peek at some of my photos to remember the rolling waves and sandy beaches.

As I was flipping through the images I was reminded of the  4th of July celebrations in Yachats we enjoyed. Yachats is a village of about 1000 people with loads of character a just a few miles down the road from the cabin.   

The celebrations stated off with a pancake breakfast then a very unusual "La Te Da parade" where just about the whole town dresses up funky and paraded thru the streets. They also have a Farmers Market, Hot dogs at the Fire hall but the best event was the ladies of Yachats Pie Festival! 

piesApparently they served over 2700 pieces of pie! I got there a bit late and after waiting for 45 minutes we rounded the corner to an amazing 30+ feet or so of pies... quite the selection!

The fun part was chatting with the people in line, discovering what was everyone's favorite pie. And as I debated which was the best choice it was evident that not all pies are for all people...  Just like in business we can't be all things to all people.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making is trying to promote or market their product or services too broadly.

When you try to be all things to all people you end up struggling and not attracting enough clients.  But on the other had when you know who your ideal target clients are and tailor all your marketing to them and their needs you'll look to be more like an expert and stand apart from your competition... and ultimately sell more.    

You see, try as you might, I'd never select apple pie regardless of how much you try and woo me. You can say it's made only with the very best organic apples and cinnamon from the orient but I just don't care. You can offer it with creamy vanilla ice cream and I'm still not interested, you can reduce the price or offer me a bigger slice and nope... I'm just not attracted to it.  Now show me a pie made with fresh peaches and you have my immediate attention! 

So why is it that we spend so much of our marketing dollars and efforts trying to woo people that truly are not your prospects?

If you want to be more successful and put an end to your struggle to get more clients, then before you attend another networking event, place a social media post or write a blog post,  invest some time getting clearer on who really is your ideal target client.  This isn't always easy to do alone so if you feel like you might need some help and want to explore working with me on this why not apply for a no-cost Marketing Strategy Session.  It's easy as pie! 

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