Holiday Networking -- How to Leverage the Holidays for Building Relationships

December is an interesting month for business. Many of my clients find that sales soften and slow down - some industries more so than others. I frequently hear the comment that now is not a good time for business. 
Yes, it's true that business does shift gears for many in December but actually this is a GREAT time for business! That's right... "business", notice that I didn't say "sales". 
Instead of grumbling about softer sales, this is an excellent time to get out there and make connections - 'Tis the season to network! 
Take advantage of the slower business pace (unless you're in retail) and the general holiday spirit to make a point of touching base with people in your database. 
Make sure to leverage this time of year by: 
  • calling someone you've lost touch with
  • sending cards or email greetings 
  • scheduling coffees & lunches 
  • dropping by with small token gifts  and NETWORKING!
We all know that networking is an excellent marketing strategy and frankly, there isn't a better time of year to network. The opportunities are all around us - with a variety of business, friends and family events and gatherings one could be out almost every night of the week. So make sure to take a some business cards with you and get started building on your relationships. 
Take advantage of the season and get out of your office to network, make new contacts, and reconnect with people that you've lost touch with. It's not too late, so pick up the phone now and call a past client you haven't spoken to for a while or someone you met last month. 
Just do it!