Getting Things Done -- How to Make Yourself Take Action Even When It's Hard to Get Started

Are beginnings tough for you? If they are - don't worry you're not alone! 
Recently I was coaching a client (let's just call him Bob) who had identified a project that would make a big difference to his business. Each week he would come to the coaching session not having done any work on it but still very committed to the idea, promising that "this would be the week" to get it started. We'd spend some time mapping out the next steps and defining the tactics to move forward. Well...  you guessed it - another week and still no forward progress. 
 By now you're either reflecting on a project or issue you've been putting off or wanting to know what ever happened to Bob. I'm pleased to say that with some coaching, Bob did get going on his project and as expected, it made a big difference to his business. Working with a coach is great for dealing with stuck places of inaction. 
 I'm often amazed at the angst we cause ourselves when we hesitate and hold back from beginning something - even when it's a very positive 'something'. 
Although there is no pat answer, one thing for sure, we just need to begin - even if there is no perfect starting place. Because there is real power in just getting started and once we do then momentum takes over.  A single brick can hold a standing train in place. But when the train gets moving and gains momentum it can crash thru a solid wall of bricks - becoming unstoppable. 
Momentum has the same power in you. Just get started and get ready for your breakthrough.
This week, notice places where you hold back from starting and challenge yourself to just begin:
  •  pick just one simple thing to do & DO it  - it doesn't have to be perfect 
  • set a timer and work on it for just 15 minutes (you'll likely do longer once you start) 
  • call a friend or colleague and get some support or enroll them as an 'accountability buddy'
Just get started and you'll be amazed at the result,  not to mention the gain in energy! 


Getting started

Thanks - this is exactly what I needed right now to get started on a project I've been putting off forever. Setting my timer now...