Getting off the Rollercoaster - How to Make Your Business Growth More Consistent

Are you tired of the roller coaster ride, at least when it comes to your business? Are you frustrated with doing nicely one month and being desperate for cash flow the next? If you want to beat that feast- famine cycle that many entrepreneurs experience there are some simple things you can do that will definitely smooth the ride.

The key to consistent business growth is consistent marketing. Some people market until they have some clients, and then they get so busy with clients they lose their marketing focus and simply stop marketing. Don't make that mistake. Instead, continue to market yourself so you don't have to start from scratch and build up the momentum again when you need more clients.

Fortunately, such ongoing marketing doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Here are some key strategies that will help you keep that funnel filled practically on autopilot:

1.  Network all the time

Don't just network when you're at networking events. Have your cards with you and make a habit out of talking with people everywhere you go. That way, you continue to meet new people who might be potential prospects or who might send you referrals.

2.  Focus on developing referral partners

The great thing about referral partners is that if you have established relationships and keep nurturing them, they'll send you referrals over and over.  Start by seeking out other biz owners who service or have access to your same ideal target clients. Getting that steady stream of referrals will really smooth out any ups and downs in your business - in the upward direction!

3.  Be visible and credible online

Have a website and a blog, and be active in social media. And demonstrate your expertise by writing articles, posting on your blog and contributing to discussions. It's important to be visible - you want people to see you wherever they go. It's equally important to be credible as well, so be selective about the venues you use.

4.  Be consistent online

In addition to being visible, you also need to make sure you aim for consistency. Don't spread yourself too thin. Instead of trying to have a "presence" on every new forum or platform that comes along, focus on a select few and participate on a regular basis. It's about being part of a community.

5.  Communicate regularly - online and offline

And speaking of consistency... Be sure to send out a quality newsletter - and do so regularly. Predictability builds trust. The people on your list should be able to count on your newsletter and information. When they know they can count on your newsletter to arrive like clockwork, they're more likely to purchase one of your services as well.

And communicating regularly is not only important online but also offline. Stay in touch with your contacts and even your former clients. That way, you'll be front-of-mind when they need your services.

As you can see, it doesn't take expensive ongoing advertising campaigns or aggressive marketing. With a few simple steps and attention to opportunities that come up, you'll find that you can easily grow the number of prospects year-round. And that will go a long way towards getting off the rollercoaster and start smoothening out those ups and downs in your business.