Finding Your Niche -- Five Factors That Determine Your Ideal Target Market

If you find you have trouble getting enough referrals (or clients), you may want to go back to the basics. Have you ever properly defined your target niche? If so, maybe you've been watering it down, and it's time to review whom you're targeting with your marketing efforts.

Here are 5 factors you should consider as you define or re-define your target niche -- and all of them deal with analyzing what types of clients you've serviced this past 6 - 12 months. 
Begin by thinking about what type of clients do you most enjoy working with?  Who are they?  What is special about them and why do you enjoy working with them? Consider both who they are what they do or even why they come to you.
The second factor - What types of clients are most profitable for you to service?  Not everyone is.  Some sectors of your business, and maybe even some specific product lines or service lines tend to be more profitable than others.  Aim for those.
The third factor to consider is what types of clients are easiest to service.  Which ones are the low maintenance ones?  Which clients are your dream clients that you find easily and service easily? Any type of clients or projects consistently cause you headaches? 
The fourth factor is what type or types of customers you most successful in servicing.  Who do you do your best work with?  Once again, it could be a product line.  It could be a service line.  It could be the nature of the client.  It could be where they are at when they come to you.  What specific problems they have that you can solve or industry they're in, size or location of company - consider all situations.
Number five is what unique skills or industry experience or expertise do you have that aligns you with your customers.  What's your background?  For example, my background is small business - I started an employment agency from startup and turned it into a $5 million company - that helps me figure out who my niche is.  I love working with startups, owners with big visions who are struggling to get their business growing.  
So think about your background.  What skills do you have?  What experience do you have to align you better with your clients?  What type of clients would that align you with?  
Make the extra effort to actually write down answers to each question. Then have a look... what's showing up?  You're likely to see a few specific target clients or niches appear. If you're still uncertain which one to pick consider your values -  what do you value most?
Completing these steps will give you greater clarity on who are your ideal target clients.  If you focus your marketing on them, not only will you'll enjoy your work more because you're working with "perfect" clients - you'll be positioned to get many more referrals.  
Knowing your niche is truly the cornerstone for a successful business. If you're still struggling to define yours, request a 60-minute complimentary Marketing Strategy Session with me. I'd be pleased to help you uncover it. To schedule a session please send me an email at