I Declare October as "Meaningful Connections" Month...

When was the last time someone connected with you?  No, not to solicit business or one of those so-called "follow up" calls after a networking event that ends up being a meaningless call or vague pitch of their services.

What I'm talking about is a true meaningful connection. You know, when someone reaches out and in a meaningful way somehow touches us - perhaps to offer help, show gratitude or appreciation, compliment us, makes a valuable introduction, or offers a referral.

I have a personal confession... I've often thought of someone in a kind way, with all the best intentions of connecting, but it's usually late at night, or I'm driving or just heading into an appointment or some other valid reason that prevents me from making the connection right then.  I plan to get back to it... but the moment of inspiration has passed and it unfortunately remains as a good intention but doesn't get done.

How sad is that!  Why is keeping in touch such a challenge! And then as time passes by and the moment is missed, eventually it feels weird to even connect anymore.  Like that thank you note that you wanted to send - but then it just seemed too late?

They say it takes 21 days to forge a new habit so I'm taking this to task.  I've decided that I want to build the habit of nurturing meaningful connections by reaching out to someone every business day in October.

I've often called myself a "lone wolf" and I'm not really a big socializer so this is a bit of a stretch for me.

But I've decided to really go for it.

My declaration is that every day, or at least every weekday in October, I'll write a personal note to someone and mail it to them.  It's such a little gesture, but in this age of emails and text messages, personal notes have become rare.

And that's exactly why gestures like sending notes are meaningful.  Personal notes stand out in a mailbox full of bills and junk mail, hopefully brightening the recipient's day!

Yesterday I picked out some great cards.  So today, I'll write the first note and mail it...

On Tuesday, I'll write another one, to a different person. And so on...

And hopefully, come November, making meaningful connections by writing cards of thanks, recognition, appreciation or a simple "I was thinking of you" will become regular part of my life.

How often do you reach out to connect with the people in your life?  

If my plan of reaching out inspires you to do the same, please join me during October, which I'm declaring as "Make Meaningful Connections" Month.

I invite you post a comment below and let me know what you think. Perhaps you'll join me in this challenge and send a note, either through Sendoutcards or the "old-fashioned" way? Who do you want to connect with?

I'll keep you posted on my progress, so be sure to watch for updates.  It'll be a way to keep me on track - an accountability program of sorts...

And now to get started... day 1.


Thank you

I believe it's an invaluable way of connecting with clients & any other relationships that we value and we would like to retain.

Thanks, Sue - great reminder

Hi Sue - thanks for the reminder and the challenge to make October a "meaningful connections" month. It reminded me that I put a handful of note cards in my briefcase back in August. I had the best of intentions on reaching out and sending them along, and I just didn't do it.

I will join you in your challenge and will make the commitment to send 2 cards per week.

Here's to meaningful connections!!

Making connections

Sue, So often I have wonderful thoughts of appreciation and joy about friends or new connections as I fall asleep or while I am on a hike, and though I do send blessings to those people, the personal touch you speak of is really key to cultivating special relationships.

The art of Feng Shui includes the practice of writing to or calling a certain number of people to activate your chi or energy flow. It is also a powerful way to enhance the flow of business. Thank you for the inspiration and reminder to reach out and express our appreciation of the people in our lives who make it so very special.

meaningful connections...

This is a wonderful idea. One of my commitments in my business is that whenever I make a connection with someone at an event, a true connection and not just an exchange of business cards, I always send a hand written note on my personal stationary. I often get comments or e-mails about them after they're received and it virtually guarantees they individual will take my call when I do reach out to them in about a week to see about scheduling another meeting to learn more about each other's respective businesses.

I love your idea and think I will go to my list now and start identifying those I want to touch!
Thanks for the push.

I have a personal confession...

An excellent post and a relevant one.In these days of virtual contacts and meetings etc, the NOTE WRITING Habit has almost vanished. A great suggestion and keep up the good work.