Business Lessons from Marketing Guru Arlene Dickenson -- Become a Better Marketer

Business Lessons from Marketing Guru Arlene Dickenson  

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Arlene Dickenson, a Canadian marketing professional and CEO of Venture Communications speak. She made some great points in her presentation that I want to share some of the highlights with you. 

These are all great reminders, so if you find yourself saying "I know that" just check in to see if you are "doing it" ...because unless you are you don't really "know it".  

■ The best marketable part of your business is - Yourself. (Sue's comment - so how can you leverage this more for your biz?)

■ Share what drives you to get more people to believe in you. Tell them why you do what you do. Don't skip on the passion - it's compelling and engaging.

■ There's opportunity to grow in a recession... if you keep marketing. In the last recession those who marketed through the recession verses those who didn't came out of the recession with an increase in sales of 256% more than business that cut back on marketing.  

■ Don't be shy - stand up with confidence and talk about your brand - to everybody who'll listen.  67% of the market buy based on Word of Mouth recommendations. 93% of people felt word of mouth recommendations were 93% more reliable than self promotion. (Sue's comment - get more referral partners for even greater business success)

■ Learn to get out of your own way - Delegate!  Or you'll never be able to grow your company. Hire even if you don't think you can afford it.

■ Maintain a positive optimistic outlook. Remember that Apple, Microsoft & HP all started in a recession and HP began in a garage.

■ Dream BIG! Push forward. "You can't take 2 leaps to cross a chasm." 

■ Leverage your relationships - you can't do it alone.

■ 7 years is the magic sweet spot to make it in business.

■ Branding is how you're seen through the eyes of others. So manage the experience of everyone who touches your company (suppliers, clients, competitors).  Branding is NOT your logo. 

■ Believe in yourself - articulate it. Control your voice in the marketplace - don't let social media do all the talking for you. 

■ Manage Yourself - as entrepreneurs you are the business. People buy from you because of you; your values and beliefs will make a difference. Transparency is attractive.

■ Know what you believe in, care about and what your vision is.  Know why you're in business - what gets you up everyday?  What motivates you?  These answers will help you get through tough times.

■ And finally, don't compare your insides (insecurities and doubts) with other people's outsides (successes and accomplishments). We all have a bit of both.

What will you do differently starting tomorrow?