About Sue

Sue Clement

The Solopreneurs’ Success Coach, Inspiring Speaker,

and Author of Insider Secrets to Referral Success

“If we did all the things we are capable of we would literally astound ourselves.”

-- Thomas Edison


Thousands of entrepreneurs are enjoying vastly improved business success, thanks to the practical and proven marketing guidance of business coach, referral expert and author Sue Clement.  Formerly overwhelmed and bottom-line challenged, these business owners have come to rely upon her simple but powerful coaching and marketing savvy to positively impact their balance sheets, the quality of their relationships, and ease of marketing their business.  

Sue’s fox terrier-inspired determination and ‘get it done fast’ approach are grounded in what she calls the vacuum cleaner paradigm.  She says, “You have to plug it in, turn it on, and push it around to make it work.  Action in business is always at the heart of great results.”  

No stranger to business ownership Sue has traveled the sometimes rocky terrain for over two decades.  She started an employment agency in 1990, grew it into a $5 million company, and successfully sold it after nine years. Since 2000, she has owned a profitable coaching practice guiding clients to nurture their business relationships and create dramatic sales growth.

 “Marketing your business and attracting client shouldn’t be a struggle,” says Sue. Her book, Insider Secrets to Referral Success, highlights the powerful, yet simple Referral Success formula she has applied to guide her own business success and supports clients along their journey.

Sue speaks often to appreciative audiences – both live and by teleseminar --about her insider secrets. Funny and frank, she shares road-tested strategies and practical tips, inspiring serious business builders to accelerate their growth through the power of strategic referral relationships.  

To engage Sue as a speaker or coach or to make individual or quantity purchases of her book, Insider Secrets to Referral Success, get in touch today.